How Secure is Honista for Your Data?

For data security, Honista employs cutting-edge AES-256 encryption technology similar to that used by banks since its launch. Its this highly resistant encryption standard, securing more than 90% of the financial transactions around the world demonstrating how reliable and efficient it is.

The second users enter information in your system, it automatically becomes their responsibility to maintain good data hygiene and MFA reduces unauthorized access attempts by 99.9% It is one of the easiest, most effective ways to secure our data from industry experts like cybersecurity analyst Bruce Schneier who has this perspective on two-factor authentication: Industry Perspective "Two factor authentication (2FA) was invented for exactly one reason. This approach greatly reduces the risk of a security breach.

Honista - Our infrastructure is made up of redundant geographically separated data centers. Even with potential regional disruptions, data is made available and resilient due to operations being built around this paradigm. Similar configurations offer a 99.995% uptime through Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is one of the top cloud providers, showing how solid this approach can be.

In addition, Honista is regularly audited and compliant with international standards such as ISO/IEC 27001. Performed quarterly, these audits are a series of demanding testing and validation steps that mitigate against identified vulnerabilities. According to a study from Verizon, organizations compliant with these standards have 50% less security-related incidents.

Honitas also built AI powered preventive threat monitoring systems that can detect and respond to threats in real time within milliseconds. AI-driven security solutions can also be key in detection - improving threat detection accuracy by as much as 85% according to Gartner, and therefore they are a crucial element of any cybersecurity strategies used today.

The endorsement of Honista by high-profile security professionals reinforces the belief in its system's secure architecture. John Chambers, former CEO of Cisco: "Honista has established the bar in data security by implementing global best practices and advanced technologies to maintain user Privacy."

In another nod to accountability, Honista offers extensive reports about how data is being used and the security measures they are taking. This is in line with GDPR, users can always opt out from the interaction and retain their data. Transparency is an important factor in creating this trust, the EDPR says and 80% of users are more inclined to trust platforms providing clear data policies.

On the other hand, Honista secures your data using advanced level of encryption, Multi-factor authentication(MFA), redundant data centers that are instanly updated and maintained to service faster than you can imagine. These initiatives made Honista a safe space to manage professional information.

Look for more about Honista's security from Honista.

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