All of our wonderful desserts are homemade in house with the exception of our cakes.  Those delightful, melt in your mouth creations are thoughtfully crafted by Susan Merriam of Puffin Pastry up in Masonville, Colorado.

Homemade Coconut Ice Cream 3.75

Homemade Mango Sherbert 3.75

Sweet Rice 3.00
Sticky rice cooked in sweet coconut cream, sprinkled with toasted mung beans.

Thai Custard 4.00
Coconut milk, palm sugar, taro and eggs.

Sweet Rice & Thai Custard 5.50
Our delicious taro coconut custard served atop a bed of sweet sticky rice.

Sweet Rice & Mango 6.50
Fresh mango served with sweet sticky rice. Available in season only.

Banana Spring Rolls 6.50
Cinnamon and brown sugar coated bananas, wrapped in egg-roll wrappers and lightly fried; served with caramel sauce and coconut ice cream.

Key Lime Pie 5.00

Coconut & Almond Cheesecake 5.00

Chocolate Mousse 5.00